Translation, performance and installation


Translation: A performance listening to audio recordings of myself speaking about personal emotionally significant events or issues that I have not previously, and will not communicate. Thoughts promoted by the audio are translated into writing on the gallery wall, words immediately overwritten with the next, visible and indecipherable. I attempt truthful translation from thoughts to the written, giving words the privacy they need to retain truthfulness. “Finally, and most emphatically, words … need privacy” (Woolf, 1937). A site and time specific performance piece of listening, writing and erasing. Exploring notions of impermanence, the Derridan notion of presence and absence and interconnectedness of these co-existent states, Translations employs spoken and written words as process and evidence of that state, absent, present and possible moments of communication interacting to explore translations of meaning. Expressing the moment of translation from thought creation, to spoken and written words and acknowledging the virtual space occupied by the act of translation, the meaning of words is altered, rendering them incapable of realising their original emotional intent.

Documenting traces of connection, words are simultaneously denied, obscured and revealed, only meaning remaining. The process and outcome are rooted in writing and speech, intrinsically interconnected.