Emma James


My work addresses the inevitable entropy of all things, in relation to chronology, memory and location. I am particularly interested in the entropy of human connections, those with each other, with objects and place. Notably the eroding effects of time on location and object, the significance of this, and its effect on the connections.
Objects people and feelings that once held value are forgotten and lost. Using the language of the object itself I aim to reveal in objects the residual emotional significance. The resulting works are often evidence of the process of creation and erosion. This evidence acts as a visual reminder of the inescapable attrition of our surroundings, both physical and emotional, encouraging the viewer to consider connect this process and connect it with themselves, mortality and inexorable universal loss.


  • Mixed Media Artist and Printmaker
  • Installation Art


  • Mixed media assemblage
  • Film
  • Sound work
  • Printmaking
  • Painting
  • Installation